What basic data is required for registration?

Basic data for registration are gender, e-mail and nickname


What permissions are required when downloading and registering and why?

When downloading and registering, it is necessary to allow to use location, camera, and documents because the application otherwise does not provide the user with information on the interactive map, and the user will not be able to use the photo when filling out the profile and sharing the selfie with other users.


What are the ways to sign in to the Drink&Pick application?

The user can login to the app via e-mail, Facebook or Google account


How do I use the map?

By moving fingers on the map, users can browse the map worldwide


What do icons on the map mean?

Location icons represent coffee shops, clubs, night clubs, pubs etc. (drinking places), divided into 15 categories, each category are displayed with a different image in the icon. If the icon is gray, drinking place isn't currently working


How can I filter the categories of drinking places?

In the right menu at the top of the screen, the user can filter drinking places by type, music type, or can search only his favorite places


How do I make a drinking place my favorite?

Clicking the icon of a certain drinking place opens a place info, where the user can favor the place by clicking on the red heart


Can I share a drinking place with my contacts?

The user can forward the place via share tags to his contacts through various apps and social networks


How can I search a specific drinking place by name?

At the top of the screen there is a search engine where user can search drinking place by name


How can I see the Event list?

In the upper left menu, the user selects the Events option, clicking on each event the user receives information about the event type, duration, and ticket price


Can I share an event with my contacts?

The user can forward the event via share tags to his contacts through various apps and social networks


Can I filter events?

In the upper right menu the user has the option of filtering the events by city, type of music and the date


Can I receive info messages about certain events?

The user can in the My Profile choose option to receive events info via e-mail or push-up message


What is the Drinking Buddies (DB) option?

The Drinking buddies option is a list of user friends he/she connected through the app


How can one of my friends become my Drinking Buddie?

The user in the Drinking Buddies category searches friends nickname in the search engine (implies that a friend has a registered account within the D&P application)

When a user finds a friend, he/she clicks on the Star and sends a friend request. Once the other user accepts the friend request, users become Drinking buddies


Can I chat with my DB?

The user can, at any time, click on the profile of a friend to start chatting with him


How do I know that one of my friends wants to chat with me?

The user receives a chat request message from his DB


Pending request/Incoming request

Pending request is a list of sent and unanswered friend requests

The incoming request is a list of received unanswered friend requests


How can I see on a map where my DB are located?

If some of the user DB are logged into any location in the app, then the user sees that location in green, and when clicked on it, in the right corner the number is displayed, clicking on the number opens a list of all DB in that drinking place


How do I login to drinking place?

When a user comes to the drinking place location, clicking on a location on the map opens place info, then the user needs to click Click to login option and then receives the message You are successfully logged in place


Do I have to be logged into a drinking place to chat with DB?

No, DB can communicate at any time, whether or not they are logged in a drinking place


How do I fill My profile?

In the left menu, the user selects My profile -> Fill info


What does an Avatar/Or take a selfie mean?

The user can use one of the offered avatars for his Profile picture or can take a selfie


Why can't I upload pictures from my phone gallery?

We want all users to see the real-time photos of other users

(we want to avoid, as far as possible, users using other people's photos, blurry photos, old photos, or photoshopped photos)


Can I change answers in My Profile?

After completing the registration, the user can change the answers within My profile at any time


What is a Match Profile?

If a user wishes to switch MODE to PICK, to find someone for dating, then he/she needs to fill out the Match profile - >> Fill info.

Now the app will, thanks to the algorithm, recommend the most compatible people based on the request in the Match profile

The mandatory answers to fill the Match profile are: gender, age, height, weight, hair color, hair length, eye color and sexual orientation


How do I change the mode?

In the left menu, user can change mode, from DRINK to PICK and vice versa


People in Pick mode

In the PICK mode, user can see people that the app offers as compatible, based on user preferences. If some of the user compatible people are logged into any drinking place in the app, then the user sees that place in green, and when clicked on it, in the right corner the number is displayed, clicking on the number opens a list of all compatible people in that drinking place.

By clicking on someones profile user get a detailed description of persons profile and the ability to send a selfie request


How does in PICK mode works Selfie exchange and chat?

If user wants to send a Drink request, he/she must be logged in to one of the places in the app.

The user opens a profile, chooses Drink with me option, the camera opens, takes a selfie and send it to another user. The other user receives a message, opens the profile, and if he/she decides, he/she sends selfie. Both users must say Yes to selfies if they want to chat


Active pick/All picks

Active picks is a list of all unfinished chats

All picks is a list of all realized chats and unsuccessful Pick attempts


Is Drink&Pick FREE?

The application is free during the trial period