Where are the best parties in town?

Where are my friends right now?

Where are the coolest people for socializing?


Check it out!



Come & Play!

Finally, you got yourself an app that gives you all choices you need -> To drink, to pick or to DRINK&PICK!

Stop wasting your time by sitting home and chatting, just COME out and PLAY!


The best socializing experience for everyone is spontaneous connection. Having that in our minds, we developed playful app and expect from you to say what exactly you are looking for!

If you're in a MOOD for DRINKING – DRINK MODE, just choose your favorite drink, favorite music, way of fun and app will do the rest. Login to the app and you will see where your friends are. You can chat with your drinking buddies & meet them wherever they are.

But if you're in a MOOD for PICKING – PICK MODE, by filling your match profile, the algorithm will do the math -> find your perfect one and show you the places where you can find her/him. Of course, first you need to send and receive a selfie, so you can be sure algorithm did a good job :)


And finally, on our EVENT list you can see where is the coolest fun near you.


What are you waiting for?
Come & Play!

Download, register and you should allow the application to access the location, the camera and files because without these permissions, the interactive map and selfie exchange does not work.
Other users will see your location only if you login to any drinking place on the map:)

How it works?

1. Fill out your profile and preferences, then fill out your match profile -> go OUT -> login into a drinking place -> & you are ready to play!

2. Choose a MODE you prefer:


DRINK MODE if you just want to have a fun night out with your friends.

You will get a map with hottest spots near you based on your preferences (favorite drink, favorite music and way of fun).

You need to login to a drinking place -> so your drinking buddies, or the ones who you will pick to be your drinking buddies, can see you, chat with you or meet you :)

PICK MODE if you want to date someone.

Based on your preferences you'll get a map with real time locations of compatible people.

Pick someone and all you need to do is take and send a SELFIE -> and you'll get a PHOTO -> choose YES or NO -> if you're LUCKY you got yourself a MATCH -> & the fun can start!


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Every day is a new day!
Freely change your preferences, have fun and play DRINK&PICK!




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